Easter 2007

  • Frances, Jennifer & Heather

    We had a great Easter. Chuck was busy with church (read or listen to his Palm Sunday and Easter sermons) and the kids and Liz busied themselves with Easter egg hunts. Enjoy the photos.

Winter Mix 2007

  • Mommy read a book
    Spring is coming! The flowers are starting to bloom. But before the season passes take a look at some of our photos from the winter of 2007.

Christmas in Portland 2006

  • Katherine & Daddy
    We had an early Christmas gathering this year with Chuck's family in Oregon. Later we'll be joining Liz's family in the Bay Area. These are some photos of our Portland gathering plus a few from when we went to visit friends Bill and Carole at their Christmas tree farm.

Thanksgiving 2006

  • Snow Day
    We spent Thanksgiving this year in Oregon and Washington for the first time in four years. The photo above is of Judy with her five grandchildren. We had Thanksgiving with Judy and John at their house on Puget Island. But before that we hosted over 20 friends for our annual Thanksgiving Eve potluck (a tradition that took a break during our time in St. Louis). Enjoy the photos.


  • The church reception
    These are some of the photos from the family events and church reception that went along with Chuck's ordination.

Parkrose Community United Church of Christ

Mt. Hood On July 4, 2006

June 2006

  • Jennifer, Ian and Katherine
    A few pictures from June in Portland.

Liz's May 2006 Trip To San Francisco

  • Alice and Phil
    Liz's trip to Palo Alto in May 06.

March / April 2006

  • Frances & Katherine
    This was a busy period for us. We were able to see lots of family and friends and celebreated Holy Week and Easter. The above photo is of John and Judy, Chuck's step-father and his mom. Enter and see more.

South Carolina May 2006 Visit

  • Cousin Susan & Liz with the twins
    We went to South Carolina in May for a one week visit wherwe we stayed with Rock, Katherine and Frances' great grandfather. During our week we also visited with lots of other family and friends. Here are a few of the photos.

Sarah's April 2006 Visit

  • Walter
    Sarah flew up to Portland with Walter and Harriett for a long weekend. This was their first visit to our new home. All the kids had a blast. This photo is of Walter and Chuck goofing off.

The Boys Visit

  • Grandma Judy & Grandpa John
    Dylan, Devin and Ian (Chuck’s nephews) spent Friday and Saturday with us while Heather, Rick and Jennifer were at the wedding of a friend. We took them to a couple of parks and the Portland Zoo. Frances and Katherine turn 20 months this week. Enjoy the photos.

Seattle March 2006

  • Myles & Shannon
    This March we went up to Seattle to hear Stephen, Liz's step-brother, sing in the Tacoma opera. Chalmers and Carolyn were also there.

House Warming

  • Frances & Katherine
    We had a lot to celebrate in February: our return from St. Louis, a house warming and Chuck’s birthday (not to mention Chuck lived past 36). So we had a party. Unfortunately, we forgot to take many pictures of the festivities. But here are a few. There are also a couple of pictures of some friends and of a brief trip we took to Pendleton, Oregon.

San Francisco January 2006

  • Daddy & Katherine
    This weekend we made our way down to the Bay Area to visit Liz’s family. It was a great chance to show off the twins to their grandparents, aunts, uncles and assorted cousins on the Smith side of the family. Unfortunately, a short visit like this didn’t afford us the opportunity to spend time with our many friends in the area. The occasion for this mini-vacation was the 40th birthdays of Sarah and Paul, Liz’s sister and brother-in-law. Sarah is pictured here holding Frances and Katherine. Enjoy the rest of the photos.

Christmas 2005

  • Frances
    Our Christmas in Portland

Moving In

  • Eating Dinner In The Kitchen
    We made it back to Oregon in late December after a three-year sojourn in St. Louis. The move back was chaotic (thank you! thank you! to everyone in both Missouri and Portland who helped us out) with Chuck having to have surgery. Finally, after a little more than 45 days back in Oregon, this site is getting an update. These pictures are some of the first of our lives back in Portland.

New Portland House

  • Front Yard
    Here are photos of the new house in NE Portland near Grant Park that we just purchased. Plenty of room for the twins, the dogs, the cats, and visitors from across the globe. We'll start moving in in December.

NW Oct 2005 Photos

  • Kate and Eve
    We headed back to Oregon in October to buy in new house to live in for our December return. Liz and the twins went a week before Chuck and stayed with her cousin Susan and friend Kate. Alice, Liz’s mom, also flew in from San Francisco to help with the house hunt. Once Chuck arrived we all spent a couple of nights at his sister Heather’s and then headed off to Judy’s house on Puget Island, Washington. Unfortunately, with the house hunt and one of the twins getting a little sick we didn’t have much time to visit with friends on this trip. But we look forward to seeing everyone very soon! Here are some of the pictures.

Thanksgiving 2004

  • Going Home
    In the middle of a driving snow storm we took off from St. Louis for Columbia, SC for a short Thanksgiving vacation. Chuck’s family traces their roots in South Carolina to before the Revolutionary War. This is the first time Frances and Katherine have visited the state where so much of their family history has occurred. Chuck’s second cousin Susan, a United Methodist minister, hosted a wonderful and tasty Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Susan is the first cousin of Chuck’s mother Judy. We stayed at Rock’s house. Rock is Chuck’s grandfather and Frances and Katherine’s great-grandfather. Many relatives stopped by to visit us at the house. The picture above is of Chuck and the twins with Tonya and Debra, Chuck’s two first cousins. Check out the rest of the photos. We have one good looking family.

PDX Sept 2004 - Friends 2

  • Stephanie
    Our friends Janet and Henry Miller opened up their house one night during our trip home and many friends showed up to meet Katherine and Frances. We didn't get pictures of everyone - but we tried. Janet is pictured here with one of the girls.

Portland Visit - Family 2

  • Grandpa John
    Our big reason for visiting Oregon and Washington in late August - early September 2004 was to introduce Katherine and Frances to their great-grandfather, Rock Bright. Rock was visiting the Northwest to see Chuck's mother and we surprised him with our arrival. Chuck's uncle Rocky and aunt Ruth were also on hand. These pictures are from Puget Island, Washington and include photos of different family members and the twins. This one is of Rock and Grandma Judy with Frances, Katherine, Dylan, Devin & Ian.

Portland Sept 2004 Visit - Family 1

  • Dylan and his cousin
    We arrived in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, August 28th for a one-week visit. Our first stop: with Chuck's sisters in Hillsboro. Then it was on to Puget Island, WA where Chuck's mother lives. These photos are from those first two days with our family and one other photo with Liz's cousin Susan and her family.

PDX Sept 2004 - Friends 1

  • Bill, Jim and Liz with baby
    We visited with a lot of friends while in Oregon. This set of pictures includes a visit to First United Methodist Church. It was this congregation that Church served on staff before living for seminary. The above photo is us and the twins with The Rev. Dr. Arvin Luchs. Also included in this set of pictures are our friends Bill, Carole, and Jim.

Thanksgiving 2003

  • Pics_025_web
    This Thanksgiving Liz and I went to San Francisco to visit with her family. These are some of the photos from that trip. Enjoy!

Chalmers' Birthday

  • Liz and Sarah
    Liz's dad Chalmers celebrated his 75th birthday this week. Liz went to San Francisco to surprise her father.

Reading Week

  • Katherine Hugs Her Bunny
    Each semester students at Chuck’s seminary are given a week off to catch up on reading, write papers, and prepare for exams. With books in hand we went off to the Bay Area to visit Liz’s family. These are just a sample of the photos we took. Katherine and Frances are nearly four months old now. In fact, they had their four month check-up this week (including all those nasty shots). Frances is 13 lbs and Katherine 13 lbs and 3 ounces. Both spend most of their days smiling, pooping, eating, and rolling over. They were understandably crushed by the election results but we assured them that neither of us remember the Nixon years well and they’ll most likely not remember this period (thought they may well feel the ramifications of it). Take your mind off the events of the last week and check out these extra cute (and way smart) girls.

Maui 2004

  • Whale Watching
    Liz's mom Alice took us (along with Sarah, Paul and Harriett) to Maui for a great week of fun. Check out some of the photos.

Christmas 2004

  • Sarah and Walter
    We had quite a Christmas adventure this year. Liz and the twins took off for the Bay Area the two weeks leading up to Christmas while Chuck stayed in Missouri to study and take part in Christmas Eve services. Then it was off to Oregon and Washington for all of us where we spent time with Chuck’s family and went to Sunday services at Portland’s First Congregational United Church of Christ. A blessing and prayer of thanksgiving was said for the girls as part of the service. The photo above shows our family and friends who were able to attend. Sadly, Frances and Katherine got sick afterwards and have had a pretty rough post-Christmas Day period. We’re hoping they get better soon. Come inside and check out some of the other photos from the girl’s first Christmas.

EXTRA Christmas 2004 Photos

  • Heather and Chuck
    Our friend Mollie Copeland just sent us a few new photos from our trip to Portland over Christmas. All these pictures were taken at First Congregational United Church of Christ. Mollie is with us in the above photo. Sorry our heads are cut off.

Smith Family Visit - Sept 2004

  • Grandma Carolyn
    Chalmers and Carolyn, Liz’s dad and step-mom, came to visit us in September. To be more precise they came to visit their granddaughters Katherine and Frances. The girls are now over 10 weeks old and cute as can be. This was the first opportunity Chalmers and Carolyn have had to meet the girls. Both grandparents held the twins for hours on end as their parents studied (in Chuck’s case), napped (which both Liz and Chuck did), or organized the house (anyone want to guess who took that task on?). Take a look at some great photos of their visit.

Christmas 2003

  • Christmas_2003_049_web
    Here are our photos from Christmas 2003. Liz went early to San Francisco and met-up with Chuck in Portland on Christmas Day. Then we had to leave early and return to South Carolina for the funeral of Chuck's grandmother, Frances Bright.

About Rev. Chuck Currie

Frances and Katherine Turn Two!

  • Liz at Lincoln City, Oregon

    Frances and Katherine had their second birthday on July 8, 2006. Two! We went to the Oregon coast for the ordination service of our friend Scott Elliott on their birthday and then celebrated with a family lunch the next day. It seems like it was just yesterday that they were born. There are also pictures in this batch from a visit to Portland by Stephen, Liz's step-brother. Enjoy!

The Twins At 18 Months

  • Freedom & Frances
    On January 8, 2005, Frances and Katherine hit the 18 month mark.

7 Month & 36 Years

  • Mommy & Frances
    Katherine and Frances turned 7 months on Feb. 8, 2005 and Chuck turned 36 years old. Time flies. Here are some new photos of the twins from the last couple of weeks. Katherine is in the above photo helping her day blow out his cake.

The Twins - 6 Month Birthday

  • Happy Frances
    Frances and Katherine hit the six month mark on January 8, 2005. They’ve fully recovered from the illness they contracted in California before Christmas. It is simply amazing to watch them grow. Watching them hold hands and smile at each other is just an indescribable joy. Both girls laugh with ease. Nothing makes them happier than hearing their mother sing. If they would only sleep….. Check out these great new pictures.

The Twins - 12th Week Birthday

  • Frances Bright Currie
    Katherine and Frances turned 12 weeks old this past Thursday. Liz is already looking into possible colleges and was overheard giving the advice on marriage (her jist was the parents get to approve the groom). Shannon, Liz's friend from Seattle, spent a couple days here last week helping out. That's her in the above photo with one of the twins. We love company!

The Twins - October 2004

  • The Kerry-Bush Debate
    We are finally catching up on photos. Here are Katherine and Frances at their October best. These two are turning over, laughing, smiling, not sleeping, studying theology with their father, singing with their mother, and just being cute. Don’t take our word for it. Look at the photos.

The Twins - 7th Week Birthday

  • Erik Brockley Hanging Out
    Seven weeks have now passed since Frances and Katherine were born. Just by coincidence that is about how long it has been since either Liz or I slept an entire night. Funny how that works. Page, Liz’s friend from California, visited with us last week and was here until this past Saturday. These girls grow with each passing day. It is entirely possible they are actually genetic replicas of Chuck’s twin sisters, Heather and Jennifer. They’ve been following the Olympics and are pleased overall with the American performance. However, the picture above was taken during the US defeat in basketball by Lithuania. They took that game really hard.

The Twins - 6th Week birthday

  • Daddy and Katherine
    Katherine and Frances had a big week. Liz’s friend Paige is visiting and they’ve quickly fallen in love with her. They also had a check-up at the doctor and now each weighs well over eight pounds. These girls are monster eaters. And these girls get around. They’ve been out to restaurants, grocery shopping, and are regular visitors to the Eden campus to help exercise Hugo and Hazel. Paige took the above picture of our entire family. We don’t have many pictures of all of us and are happy she was around to snap it.

The Twins - 4th Week Birthday

  • Frances
    Frances and Katherine turned 4 weeks old on August 5, 2004. Here are a few photos from the past week.

The Twins - 3rd Week Birthday

  • Dad and Katherine
    Here is a collection of new photos from Frances' and Katherine's third week.

The Twins Come Home

  • Katherine
    We brought the twins home on July 12, 2004. Here are some photos of their first week home. Last updated July 16, 2004.

The Twins - 5th Week Birthday

  • Jessica & Katherine
    Katherine and Frances have amazingly turned 5 weeks old. Amazing for two reasons: time flies when you have twins and so far we haven’t damaged them. Though there was one accidental melt-down of all their bottle nipples and pacifiers this week. In this photo you see our cat Erik Brockley checking out one of the girls (we lost track of which one). Check out the rest of these great new photos.

The Twins - 2nd Week Birthday

  • Ready for Bed
    Katherine and Frances turned two weeks old on July 22, 2004. These are some photos of the girls as they continue to adjust to life outside the womb.

The Twins At Eden

  • Frances & Dad
    We took Frances and Katherine to the Eden campus on Monday, July 19th for their first outing. Hugo and Hazel came along. We ran into several Eden staff, students, and their families while there. Here are a few pictures.

The Twins Arrive

  • Waiting For Babies
    Our twins girls, Katherine Chalmers Currie and Frances Bright Currie, were born on July 8, 2004. Here are some pictures from their first two days on earth.

Olympic Torch Relay

  • The Olympic Torch Goes By
    On June 17, 2004 the Olympic Torch passed by Eden Theological Seminary and we were there to watch with others from the Eden community.

Eden Baby Shower

  • Eden Baby Shower
    Our friends at Eden Theological Seminary held a baby shower for us on June 5, 2004. We had a wonderful time and here are a few of the photos we took.

Portland Baby Shower

  • Liz's baby shower
    Liz went to Portland for a baby shower in April 2004. Here are some of the photos.

Our Pets

  • Hugo and Hazel
    Photos of our pets

Country Ham Brunch

  • The Elliott Family
    Chuck's grandfather sent a country ham from South Carolina for a Christmas present. So we cooked it up on Valentine's Day for a few of our friends from Eden.

Hall of Fame - Visitors in St. Louis

  • Alice
    These photos are of friends and family that have visited us in St. Louis since we moved here in January 2003.