> Reading Week


Each semester students at Chuck’s seminary are given a week off to catch up on reading, write papers, and prepare for exams. With books in hand we went off to the Bay Area to visit Liz’s family. These are just a sample of the photos we took.

Katherine and Frances are nearly four months old now. In fact, they had their four month check-up this week (including all those nasty shots). Frances is 13 lbs and Katherine 13 lbs and 3 ounces. Both spend most of their days smiling, pooping, eating, and rolling over. They were understandably crushed by the election results but we assured them that neither of us remember the Nixon years well and they’ll most likely not remember this period (thought they may well feel the ramifications of it).

Take your mind off the events of the last week and check out these extra cute (and way smart) girls.